MQTiPSS Executive Summary translated to Chinese!

Thanks to Drs. Yongming Yao and Xianzhong Xiao (and support of Wolters Kluwer publisher), China natives and members of the 2017 Wiggers-Bernard Conference Initiative on developing consensus expert guidelines for pre-clinical sepsis, the Minimum Quality Threshold in Pre-Clinical Sepsis Studies (MQTiPSS) guidelines have been just published in the August issue of the Chinese Critical Care Medicine (CCCM) journal after their translation from the original Executive Summary publication released in the journal Shock (and simultaneously in ICMx and Infection journals; October 2018). This move introduces the MQTiPSS concept to the potential readership of 3.39 million of Chinese physicians, a significant portion of whom are active researchers in the field of critical care medicine (including sepsis).

The translation effort will continue so that full-size MQTiPSS articles published in Shock, namely Part I, Part II and Part III, will be published in the 9th, 10th and 11th issues of the CCCM journal. Have a nice read, indeed!