2023 – Senescence in vivo

We are excited to announce the upcoming Wiggers-Bernard Conference: Senescence in vivo.

While cellular senescence is well established in vitro, the induction, persistence, frequency, and function of senescence in vivo is a recent line of research with a lot of potential for new therapeutic approaches. We have invited scientists who have established their research careers with a focus on the role of senescence in vivo, offering an ideal opportunity for networking. The talks will focus on the role of senescence in physiology and pathology, and how to modulate senescence in vivo.

The event will take place at Palais Eschenbach, Vienna on the 14th of June. It will start at 9.00 and there will be a concert and buffet at 18.30, both of which are included in the registration fee of 100€.

Our program includes the following sessions:

General Concepts, Mechanisms and Markers of Senescence
Senescence in Physiology
Senescence in Pathology/Cancer
Interventions on Senescence

The event will be concluded with a Concert by the Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln and a Networking Buffet.

The full program is provided for download via the LBG-SHoW webpage.