Marcin Osuchowski speaks at the opening session of the 9th “Sepsis Update” International Congress

Dr. Marcin Osuchowski has been invited to the 2019’s “Sepsis Update” Congress on sepsis and multi-organ dysfunction attended by the Who is Who in the international sepsis community. Dr. Osuchowski, together with Drs. Singer, Angus and Weigand, is covering topics centered on the main theme of this year’s congress: “Tribute to Translation”. Specifically, Dr. Osuchowski will discuss utility of preclinical models in sepsis research with a talk titled “Quality thresholds in preclinical sepsis models”.

The topic is based on the recently published consensus recommendations for preclinical modeling in sepsis, so called  Minimum Quality Threshold in Pre-clinical Sepsis Studies (MQTiPSS) created by international experts gathered at the 2017 Viennese Wiggers-Bernard Conference initiative that Dr. Osuchowski coordinated. The talk takes place on September 11, at the main opening session “Tribute to Translation 1 – Challenges for Sepsis Research”.